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Fort Worth DWI Attorney, Drunk Driving / DWI Texas, Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Fort Worth DWI Attorney, Drunk Driving / DWI Texas, Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Fort Worth DWI / DUI Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Mimi Coffey
Hi There! Mimi Coffey DWI Defense Trial Attorney Fort Worth Texas
Welcome to the Law Office Of Mimi Coffey - Fort Worth, Texas - DWI Criminal Defense Attorney. If you have found my web site, it is very possible that you are going through a very traumatic time in your life. You have already been subject to the humiliation of roadside field sobriety tests, been handcuffed and arrested (of which many of you have never gone through this before or ever imagined it could happen to you), been locked in jail like a "criminal" and moreover; had to face your family, and or friends with the accompanying embarrassment and sting associated with an arrest. My job as a criminal defense attorney, is to ensure that justice is done: to remind you and all those involved in the process that you are a "citizen accused" and to hold the state to its burden- guilt beyond a reasonable doubt- not one based on the unpopularity of an offense. It is to fight passionately when
one of us is charged in the wrong. It is to thoroughly and carefully examine all the evidence and explain the law and processes fully to you, my clients.

Serving the Fort Worth - Dallas Texas Area

DWI is a highly technical field among law enforcement. Officers are encouraged to obtain NHTSA practitioner certification in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. The Texas Department of Public Safety must certify breath Test Technical Operators in order to be able to operate the Intoxilyzer 5000 in addition to additional training and requirements for Breath Test Technical Supervisors. It is my firm belief that the intricacies of DWI have surpassed the basic knowledge of a "general practitioner." That is why the Law Office of Mimi Coffey - Criminal Defense Trial Attorney - is proud to be dedicated to the focus of DWI and DWI related matters in this pursuit of continued research and training in this ever changing and scientifically explosive field. DWI is unique to Texas in that it is one of the few criminal offenses that involve serious simultaneous civil penalties: that being the administrative driver's license suspension. It is the practice of the Law Office of Mimi Coffey to inform, educate and provide for all necessary aspects of the DWI representation that the client chooses from the bail bond, ALR hearing, occupational license, plea bargain or jury trial.

DID YOU KNOW - Your Texas license maybe at risk of being suspended. Thatís Right! Your license suspension is AUTOMATIC. BUT, if you request a hearing on the issue, in writing and within 15 days after receiving your notice of suspension from the police officer, no action will be taken regarding suspension until after the hearing and all appeals have occurred. If you do not request a hearing the suspension will automatically begin on the 40th day after you received your notice.

What's Important? Some of the Things that the Law Firm of Mimi Coffey looks into by focusing on DWI's:


Training History: NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests training? when & where? any updates? Proficiency status in HGN? 

Common Characteristics: Arrests routinely made within a certain mile or radius of a particular bar or bar(s)?
Motivation to Testify: Motivation for testimony due to marginal arrests? How much money in overtime are they making?

In focusing on Texas DWI we become familiar with various police department policies regarding DWI/DUI arrests.

  For example:

In Car Camera Videos: Which departments have them?

Back Up Officer Policy: What are their policies regarding the investigation, arrest, and tow procedure?

Chemical Specimen Policy: Do they always offer breath tests? Are blood tests only offered on accident cases?

Quota Policy: Which departments have quotas? Are there any memorandums documenting such?

Protocol Code language regarding Texas DWI

We take our responsibility at the Law Firm of Mimi Coffey very seriously. In the preservation of our files, we are able to keep track of bad stops by police officers as well as bad arrests. Among other things, we also obtain and archive.

Transcripts of past trials, on past officers which we believe will help our clients in the future.

Police Officer Personnel Files on various police officers through open  records requests.


Maintenance and Inspection logs on various Intoxilyzer machines.

*We feel that these things among others are important in the skillful, knowledgeable and sincere representation of our clients. We are proud of our level of representation and commitment to our clients in the pursuit of justice. It is our mission to not only provide such high caliber level of service but to continue to seek new and innovative ways to better assist us in such pursuit.

We would like to consider ourselves "Watchdogs" of proper DWI - Law Enforcement. Texas DWI laws are good and should be enforced, however, they should not be abused in taking away people's rights to be responsible social drinkers.

What many people fail to realize is that a Texas DWI is not just a misdemeanor or felony offense. It costs jobs, it involves serious possible license suspensions, and may effect someone the rest of their life. A Texas DWI conviction never goes off your record. It is not nor should it be a conviction for political expediency reasons or one based on morals and attitudes toward drinking. We at the Law Firm of Mimi Coffey believe that justice is alive and well and deserving of all. We strive to see that justice is done for each and every one of our clients.
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Handling cases in Tarrant County and Dallas County.

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